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  • As seen on television at the Dragons Den


Remove shower from packaging, unfold and lay flat. Attach the end of hose to the output spout at the bottom of the bag. The hose length can be adjusted by removing valve and cutting to desired length. Then simply reattach the valve.


Ensure the valve is off. Open filler cap at the top and fill the bag with water at the desired temperature (not to exceed 49C / 120F max temp). Slip the enclosed hanger through bag handle facing away from bottom spout, hanger should 'click' into place then hang from car window or similar structure. Alternatively you can remove the hanger and use a bungee cord putting the hook through opening in bag handle and hang from hatchback, tree, or wherever needed!


1.Hang bag from desired structure; car window, hatchback, tree, fence, etc. or sit bag on top of car. The water flow is gravity fed and so the bag should be hung at least 4ft. above ground.
2.Pull open valve to desired flow.
3.When finished push valve all the way in to off position.
* At first, some dogs may take time to relax and enjoy the cleansing process, just praise with lots of love and treats!


Rinse out the bag if using for the very first time. If using for drinking water, clean shower bag regularly by filling reservoir with water then add 2 teaspoons of bleach, leave overnight or a few hours. Rinse thoroughly with water, follow with a solution of water, baking soda and lemon juice or vinegar to remove any bleach taste.