Dirty Dog Cleaner Clean Dirty Dogs K9 Clean Portable Pet Shower

Keep your car - home clean with K9 Clean's Portable Pet Shower

K9 Clean takes the worry out of your dog getting dirty.  Let dogs be dogs, have fun and let K9 Clean take care of the rest.

 K9 Clean the compact 4 litre portable pet shower created to shower off dirty, muddy, sandy dogs prior to getting in to a vehicle or home. K9 Clean's Portable Pet Shower has a uniquely designed hanger that easily allows the user to hang the bag from any car window, or similar structure. Alternatively you can remove the hanger and use a bungee cord putting the hook through opening in bag handle and hang from hatchback, tree, or wherever needed!

  When filled with warm water K9 Clean gives an enjoyable shower to dirty dogs after a walk allowing the mess to be left behind! Simply dry your dog off, and into the house or vehicle they go! K9 Clean can be folded away for easy storage. K9 Clean is compact so it fits nicely in your vehicle so before going out exercising with your best and loyal companion, just fill the bag with warm water to wash away the dirt and leave your vehicle clean. If walking from your home simply hang it where most convenient so you can clean your pet before going in the house. We usually hang it from our fence. See our Other Uses page for all the different ways to use K9 Clean Portable Pet Shower to make your life easier and cleaner!

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1 After visiting the beach or walking the forest trails with your dog using the K9 Clean keeps your car clean.

2 The small mobile shower kit is so easy to install and use and the price makes it very affordable.

3 Best of all you can allow your pet to really enjoy themselves without the worry of getting dirty.