About the Invention


K9 Clean was created out of necessity to keep my vehicle and home clean from the mud, dirt, and sand my dogs would collect while out walking, hiking or swimming. Our three dogs, two labs and a shepherd poodle mix love to get dirty! I was so tired of lining the back of the vehicle with towels to try and keep it clean and then once I got home I had to take the hose to them to clean them off. They hated it AND the cold water. Then I would have to gather clean towels to dry them off, and as you can imagine I had to wash a lot of towels! So I set out trying to find a product that was easy to use, compact, and could hang from my vehicle. But there was nothing out there. The closest thing I could find was the solar camping shower bag, but I soon found out it was not very good. The bag was too big, cumbersome, the hose wasn't long enough, and it was made from thin plastic that soon ripped after I tried it. It also didn't hang from my vehicle very well.

  • K9 Clean Portable Pet Shower

Study and Research

  So I was left to my own devices and from searching everywhere I finally found a water storage bag, attached a hose to it, and used a pair of forceps to clamp off the end of the hose. This worked fairly well for many years, I had so many people comment on what a great idea it was. Then I met my future husband who also noted how many positive comments we had.

Final Result

  Finally Ron said to me "Honey why don't we make our own bag, design it so it meets all of our needs and those of other dog owners, and share it with everyone!" And that's how we came up with K9 Clean, a 4 litre portable pet shower bag with a unique handle that was designed specifically to hang from a car window but can hang from almost anywhere. K9 Clean is compact so it fits nicely in your vehicle and when out exercising with your best and loyal companion just fill the bag with warm water to wash away the dirt and leave your car clean. If walking from your home simply hang it where most convenient so you can clean your pet before going in the house. We usually hang it from our fence.

Check out our "How to Use" page which also includes other great uses for K9 Clean.

The Inventors


  • Great product

      We purchased one of your pet showers and it works great! So nice to be able to rinse our dog before he gets into the car. And it works much better than a watering can, which we were filling with warm water. A brilliant adaptation of a camping water container to a pet shower. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  • Quality

     I bought my shower from the sisters at Woofstock, that was almost a year ago, I use mine for more than just my dog, I have 2 young kids who can get dirtier than the dog, it's so convenient especially in the summer at the lake. The bag has held up very well, I'm impressed with the quality of the product for the price I paid, and I use it all year long!

    Jennifer Renall
  • Does The Job

    clean is the best idea for saving my carpets ,car and home , we own three dogs and love to hike as a pass time. Washing their lill feet and rinsing them is now a breeze. I love this product and highly recommend it as a life saver.

  • Dog Loves His Wash

      We have a 125 lb bull mastiff cross. When she was a puppy and got into everything outside it was great to use K9 Clean to rinse off all the dirt she had on her. Now she still gets into dirt and mud and loves the warm paw shower we give her. Works great spraying upwards to get her stomach area. She goes to daycare and some days she is more dirt (fun dirt from playing with other dogs!) than dog! We really love this product.

    Cody Smith
  • Gives Me a Sip

    love my pet shower, cleans my paws and refreshes my coat. Makes me look sparkling again! It even gives me a sip of water when needed.

    KC, Black Lab
  • Great Idea

    ove this product..and Love the Idea...we use it not only for our 3 dogs but also for ourselves with our shoes/boots...it is handy...convenient and best of all portable and takes up no space...we tell everyone about it...even the people at our horse barn...it has so many options of where & on what you use it for to use it...THANXS FOR THE GREAT IDEA YOU CAME OUT WITH...LOVE YOUR PRODUCT...EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE...EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PETS...GARDENERS...CAMPERS...ANYONE WHO WORKS OUTSIDE IN MUDDY/SANDY CONDITIONS ETC!!!

    Debbie Rae
  • No More Dirty Paws

    hank you for creating a product that helps me so much in my day. As a dog walker, I am continually faced with dirty paws- many of them!! Your easy and convenient system allows me to wash each dog before returning them home. I know my clients appreciate it just as much as I do. Bravo!!! It works wonderfully!!!!

    Carolynn Tyson